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Our business

..... was initially set up in 1968 as a small local building contractor in Newcastle upon Tyne. The business has transformed over the years with changes to the environment, economic climate and building practices, but the ethos of quality workmanship remains. The company has, since 2005, been under the stewardship of Steve Langan.

At our heart

..... is the customer with the long term objectives to become the first choice partner when choosing quality. Our philosophy is to do what we say we are going to do, delivering to the clients expectations and beyond, and that is our advertising platform.

In operation

..... obviously we care about our staff, therefore health and safety play a big part in our planning and activities. All staff are trained in health and safety with regular updates and plans when starting on a new site. We also regularly supply our own comfort facilities for staff on major residential projects to save using our clients facilities.

And its all about people

..... about you and us. All our staff are courteous and respectful and are well experienced in their own trades. We have uniforms to place us apart from others, giving a professional image all round. We believe in being thoughtful about our customers neighbours as their experience can be a stressful one too with work vans, delivery trucks, skips, dust and noise. Oh, and we also love music..... as long as it can be heard on site but not on the moon!

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You can phone us at  07720 254784 or use our simple contact form to find out more.

Office Location

Langan Developments

45 Mill Vale

Newcastle upon Tyne NE15 8HF


Tel: 07720 254784

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